About Us


The ICE-FREE NYC campaign is comprised of New Yorkers of all backgrounds who want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) presence completely out of our city, which means an end to ICE collaboration with all New York City agencies. We are individuals, families, community members and organizations working for safer neighborhoods and an immigration legacy all New Yorkers can be proud of. ICE-Free NYC’s current efforts are to educate the public and public officials about the current environment and share stories about how New Yorkers are affected by our city’s collaboration with ICE which is shattering lives, families and communities through racial profiling, detention and deportation.

Our education and advocacy work is summed up by these 3 demands:

  1. Department of Corrections and New York Police Department must end all collaboration with ICE.
  2. New Yorkers should feel safe in going to any city agency without the threat of deportation.
  3. NYC should use resources to strengthen New York families, not tear them apart.

We believe in the right to family unity and due process for all New Yorkers. We believe NYC law enforcement matters and immigration issues must be handled separately. We believe New Yorkers must live free from the threat of ICE as they go about their lives. We do not believe in detention and deportation as viable ways to handle immigration.

ICE collaboration and especially detainers, initiate a chain of traumatic events. When NYC complies with detainers, children are left without a parent, a spouse or partner must do the work of two, an employer is left without work done, a landlord is left without a rent check, and the community is left to pick up the pieces. We ask the city to use its resources to support New York families instead of spending millions of dollars to separate our loved ones. By protecting our most vulnerable residents, we will limit unnecessary costs and liabilities and hold NYC to the highest standard.

We believe NYC is fully capable of ushering in an ICE-FREE NYC.

Collaborating Organizations: